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Render Cleaning Sunderland 

Are you tired of your Sunderland house exterior rendering looking grubby and dirty? Are you concerned about the impact unclean walls have on property value or any potential health hazards that might arise? If so, you require render cleaning services, and the Sunderlandh Mister Render team is happy to assist you in enjoying clean external walls that look great and better protect your loved ones.

There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with your render for it to look shabby or past its best. Everyday atmospheric pollution in the air and organic growth can cause blotches and patches. If you spot excess moisture, staining or organic marks on your exterior walls, renders or building, call on render cleaning experts.

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Your options for cleaning render in Sunderland

There are several ways that a cleaning specialist can clean staining from rendered walls, restoring them to a former glory:

Pressure washing

This render cleaning service involves using a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt and grime from the wall's surface. This method is effective for removing heavy dirt, but the high-pressure jet can damage the render if not done correctly.

Given pressure washing is a quick method of render cleaning, it is a popular option from a render cleaning company, and we are jet washing and pressure washing specialists. If you want clean render with minimal disruption, this is one of the best render cleaning solutions.


With old or delicate render, high-pressure or power washing might be too intense, potentially damaging the k rend surface. Softwash systems use virtually no pressure, using a water-fed pole and brush combination to create a low pressure cleaning solution that is kinder to surfaces. For render such as k rend, softwash products are a cost-effective solution, and we believe soft wash is a suitable render cleaning service for many clients.

Hand scrubbing

This involves using a scrub brush and cleaning solution to scrub the wall's surface manually. This method is more time-consuming but can be gentler on the wall surface.

Dry cleaning

This render cleaning service uses a dry-cleaning agent, such as a dry sponge or dry powder, to remove dirt and algae from the building. Dry cleaning removes light dirt and stains but may be less effective for heavy dirt.

Steam cleaning

Cleaning render with a steam cleaner to blast hot steam onto the wall's surface is an effective method, which can loosen and remove dust and debris. Steam cleaning only be suitable for some surfaces, and it will easily damage old render or weak renders.

Chemical cleaning

This render cleaning work involves using a chemical cleaning process to break down and remove excess moisture and staining. This cleaning process is often harsh on the ground and requires protective gear for the cleaning specialist.

Some stains and algae growth require sodium hypochlorite to remove mould spores. Other stains require low maintenance, and you can simply spray mild detergent on the entire wall. As cleaning specialists, we can advise you on how to best clean render.

The diversity of cleaning options for rendering ensures that no matter the size or condition of your walls, there is an effective way to clean them. This is why Mister Render visits your premises and provides you with an assessment based on your render and the cleaning example that works best for you.

A reputable render cleaning company offers a variety of render cleaning solutions

Companies that offer a blanket render cleaning approach run the risk of damaging surfaces, such as lime render, or being unable to remove red stains or green algae. Our expertise and experience in cleaning a wide range of rendering ensure we make informed decisions regarding which cleaning task is best for you, and your render surface.

Please get in touch with Mister Render to receive cleaning render recommendations and a quote tailored to your needs and problems.

Cleaning specialists for pebble dash rendered surfaces

The best cleaning method for your exterior render depends on the type of render. If you have a pebble dash, wet dash or dry dash, you need a low pressure process. We offer a tailored cost effective service for all types of render, including original render.

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Eco friendly cleaning services

Eco friendly cleaning services in Sunderland

While chemical cleaning is an option for render cleaning, it is one that a growing number of clients prefer to avoid. We offer eco-friendly cleaning services to protect your walls and the surrounding land. When washing walls, there is an inevitable run-off; if this involves harsh chemicals, plants and animals are at risk.

Our process not only removes stains to leave an attractive finish at your building, but it also doesn't harm the environment.

Coloured render cleaning services in Sunderland

If you have coloured rendering, we are more than happy to clean this for you. In most cases, no additional work is required to clean coloured render, but our team will assess this for you and provide you with a bespoke overview of how best to approach the cleaning work.

Pre-paint render cleaning services

While coloured rendering is an intelligent choice which saves a lot of work and effort, sometimes property owners decide to paint over their render. If you take this step, you must ensure the render is free of dust and dirt before you paint it.

Our team is more than happy to provide this cleaning service, which will enhance the quality of the paintwork. We can also combine this service with other rendering work (including cleaning painted render) if required, so don't hesitate to contact us for more details if you want to learn more about our extensive range of cleaning services.

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Protecting your render

Once your rendered walls are clean and appealing, you’ll want them to stay that way for as long as possible. This is an excellent time to consider adding a protective layer to your render, offering greater protection against the elements which cause the render to look dirty or unclean.

Given the nature of rendering, specialist protective layers are required to not nullify the qualities of the rendered wall. It is best to apply a hydrophobic coating to clean rendered walls, a water-repellent coat that allows the render to breathe while protecting it from water, graffiti, oil and general stains.

We want your render surfaces to look fantastic for some time, which is why protective layers and maintenance work are part of the service with Mister Render.

Protecting your render
Post render cleaning services

Post render cleaning services

Once your render wall is cleaned and dry, our service doesn’t stop. We ensure the area is tidy, cleaning up after ourselves. Apart from a great-looking wall, you wouldn’t know we were here. We are also happy to follow up with you at a later date if required, and if you have any concerns regarding the cleaning effort, we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Caring for a rendered surface

We can also provide regular render cleaning services, so if you would like to schedule a clean at specific points of the year, we can provide this. Booking render cleaning services over the long term gives you one less thing to worry about in caring for your home or premises.


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Reasons to call on Mister Render for external wall cleaning services in Sunderland

Some of the key reasons our clients call on us to ensure their rendered walls remain in excellent condition include:

  • To protect the value of their home
  • To kill the risk of damage caused by organic growth
  • To indicate to insurance providers the property is maintained to a high standard
  • To maintain the appearance of the property, alongside neighbouring home
  • To prevent against the “broken window” effect, where vandalism and damage is more likely to occur at a stained or damaged building

And most importantly, to achieve a building that looks great. Clean render says a lot about you, and whether you opt for soft washing, pressure washer or a biocidal wash cleaning solution, we'll take great care of your building.

Enjoy the benefits of clean render

We know you take great pride in your premises and want to create the best possible impression at all times. This is why you care about your home looking gleaming and as clean as possible, which is why you should trust Mister Render for all render work, including cleaning and maintenance.

Please check our testimonials page to see comments from satisfied customers like you. Contact our Mister Render Sunderland team today if you would like to arrange a visitation so we can view your rendered walls and provide you with a quote for render cleaning solutions. When you need a render cleaning company that removes algae and delivers excellent results, we'll ensure the appearance of your property is second to none, for all types of render.

Reasons to call on Mister Render for external wall cleaning services

Render Cleaning Sunderland  FAQs

How do you clean dirty & discoloured render?

Jet washing is the best way to clean various types of render according to various manufacturers of the actual render. Power washing will remove a lot of dirt and algae but algae and moss can penetrate into the porous render types making steam cleaning and soft washing a slightly better option in some cases.

How often should render be cleaned?

Three to five years is a common figure for render staying clean after a good wash but things like blocked gutters & plants being too close to the walls can make dirt and algae appear much faster on any type of render.

Can you steam clean render?

Yes, steam cleaning render and soft washing is one of the best ways to clean render as there is less risk of damage to the render that you would likely get from jet washing.

How do you refresh a rendered wall?

To refresh a rendered wall that is covered in dirt, algae, moss or lichen then the safest way for all renders is soft washing and low pressure steam cleaning. In some modern renders you will be able to just jet wash it.

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